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Order Your Copy Now!

It’s not every day you get to swing with the Tooth Fairy! Lori Welch Wilson made our day at Park View Playgroup today. The kids adored her. I think my favorite part was her swinging on the swings with two of the girls before things got started. The other was when she made reference and said, “When I was a little girl…..” and one of the children gasped and said, “I didn’t know the Tooth Fairy used to be a little girl!” It was the cutest thing ever. Lori has written a children’s book called “The Tooth Fairy in Disguise” and it’s awesome! Brilliant and true. It’s about a dental hygienist (Lori with 30 years experience as a dental hygienist) who is an undercover tooth fairy! So of course we learned in the book and by demonstration, with great props and visuals, how to take care of our teeth, how to brush and the best things to eat that protect our teeth. Dr. Bill Kallam donated dental bags to each child in attendance and Park View Playgroup provided a book for each family in attendance. It was a beautiful partnership of our community working together today to serve and equip families to be well. Locals and even relatively long distance – Lori travels and speaks to a variety of groups. She has shared her book at Children’s Museums, Classrooms, Birthday parties, Kindergarten Graduation and Book Fairs. She is simply magical. I can attest that she’s super easy to work with and so much fun. Your kids will adore her. If you are looking to book a party or event she would be fabulous! Check her out on facebook.

— Melody Colquitt Hester